Drinking Water Project Impact

“The effect of the DWP [drinking water project] on self-reported health outcomes relevant to water-related suffering were as hypothesized. Indeed, the villagers were 64% (p = 0.02) and 70% (p=0.01) less likely to suffer from diarrhea and stomach pain post intervention.”

“DWP illustrates an effective relief intervention that alleviates waterborne sufferings and negative health outcomes.”

These were some of the conclusions from a research study that assessed one of CWEF’s drinking water projects in China’s Yunnan province. Members of Project TwentyFive and the International Safe Drinking Water Alliance traveled with CWEF staff to Bajiaoqing village in July 2015 to conduct household surveys and to test water quality approximately two years after the completion of the water project. The team received research design and analysis support from faculty of University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Cornell Medical School and University of California, Davis.

In addition to the strong positive results related to waterborne illnesses, the study’s authors went on to say that continued attention should be paid to education, enhancing health literacy, encouraging behavior change related to sanitation and hygiene, and ensuring the long-term security and sustainability of the water source.

With this new learning in hand, CWEF will take steps to increase the quality and quantity of the health training we conduct with villages receiving a drinking water project, as well as to continue to promote and expand the HEAL program, which provides health infrastructure and places a heavy focus on developing health literacy and positive behavior change through the training and encouragement of local health advocates.

Big thanks goes out to the Project TwentyFive team: Taehoon, Dr. Yu, Kristi, Deip, Alex, and Sam. We look forward to continued partnership with you!

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