Health Education: Advocacy and Literacy (HEAL)


Community health education programs develop increased understanding about positive health practices among adults in rural villages. However, these programs do not always translate into increased awareness among youth. HEAL uses previous experiences from CWEF’s work in public health to transform entire communities. It hopes to do this by increasing health awareness and equipping individuals to serve as health advocates in the community.

HEAL begins by identifying a rural community without sanitation facilities that also hosts a school. The program partners with the community to implement health facilities for both the school population and the general community. These facilities include reliable drinking water systems, latrines and showers. In partnership with the local government, it creates health advocacy centers inside existing facilities at both the school and in the community.

These centers include health library materials and a study area with desks and chairs. Individuals are identified in both the school (students) and community (adults) to become health advocates. These advocates attend a mulitiple in-depth trainings as part of their responsibilities, and are committed to volunteering their health knowledge for the benefit of the community. With support from CWEF staff, the advocates host health promotion activities that the entire community is encouraged to join.

Please contact us to become involved in HEAL as a financial partner or through service.


HEAL: Planting-Seeds from CWEF on Vimeo.



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