Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation educates and equips the local advocates and organizations in rural Asia who are working to break the cycle of poverty in their own communities. This is made possible by cultivating trust-filled, long-term relationships with local partners and communities.


Together with our partners and local advocate teams, CWEF is focused on several key areas of rural development: Access to Education, Clean Water & Health Training, and Support for Families Impacted by Migration.

ACCESS TO Education

Through scholarships and student development programs, CWEF and our local partners are preparing young people for a life of leadership and service to their families and communities.

CWEF’s need-based scholarships make it possible for young people with difficult family circumstances to stay in school and get the chance to graduate from high school or university, positioning them for bright futures.

In addition, comprehensive student development programs encourage students’ mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, preparing students for life after school and for their future vocations.

Watch these videos to hear from several previous China High School Scholarship students who have gone on to launch a domestic non-profit called Shining Star, which is serving left-behind children in rural Guangdong province.


In partnership with underserved communities in remote areas of China and Cambodia, CWEF provides improved access to clean drinking water and holistic community health training.

Access to a clean and reliable source of drinking water is a basic human need. When communities that have been lacking this resource receive improved access to clean drinking water, it removes barriers and results in huge positive impacts in the lives and health outcomes of local residents.

CWEF also works with community members to facilitate HEAL (“Health Education, Advocacy & Literacy”), a program that provides improved access to drinking water, hygiene, and/or sanitation resources in rural communities, while at the same time delivering in-depth training to local community advocates, who gain literacy and confidence in essential health practices, which they pass on to their neighbors and family members. This combination of improved facilities and healthy habits results in a stronger and healthier community.


CWEF supports and encourages local organizations and community advocates who are serving families impacted by migration, including children of migrant workers in urban areas and “left-behind” children in rural areas.

Many families in Asia are facing difficult challenges due to migration, whether it be students in underserved urban migrant schools or young children and their elderly grandparents who are left behind in rural villages after the children’s parents have moved away to find work in the city. We intentionally strengthen and equip the local leaders and organizations that are serving this population, who are often suffering from poor mental health.

Watch this video to learn more about the GROW program by one of CWEF’s local partner organizations, Shining Star, which serves left-behind children in China’s Guangdong province. The majority of Shining Star’s GROW volunteers are previous recipients of CWEF’s high school scholarship program, and many of these volunteers also participated in other CWEF programs while in high school, such as the REACH student development program and career workshops.

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