Awareness to Change

The ninth annual EMBER Summer Camp was held at Confucius Middle School on July 10-13, 2015. More than 30 CWEF scholarship recipients from Confucius and Xiangshan Middle Schools participated in the camp. Ten EMBER volunteers from Hong Kong and one volunteer from Macau facilitated the camp.

This year, the theme was how to raise awareness of social issues, and the EMBER team used a curriculum developed by two HKIS students (Ms. Caroline Scown and Ms. Brittaney Fried).

At the camp, the participants ranked a number of social issues by personal importance. The participants were separated in groups by their most important social issue. In the small groups, the participants researched the social issue and developed an action plan to help resolve the issue. Participants had a chance to practice their public speaking skills, as they presented their findings both individually and with their small groups to the rest of the summer camp participants.

The social issues the participants tackled included personal safety, protecting the environment and ways to increase organic agriculture practices. Throughout the camp, the participants developed the skills and confidence to find ways to increase awareness of important issues and move towards a resolution.

The camp also included the annual picnic and elderly center visit and performance.

Thank you EMBER for your continued support of the summer camp and scholarship program, and Ms. Scown and Ms. Fried for use of the social issue awareness curriculum.

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