Your support changes lives!

Your support to help keep young students in school in China is an immeasurable gift, and an inspiration for these students who have already faced so many challenges in life from illness, loss of parents, physical disabilities, economic disadvantages, and more. Please consider sponsoring another student this year!

Below are excerpts from a letter that one student, Li, wrote to her sponsor.


 I want to write you to express my thanks for giving me the opportunity to be so fortunate. Through all the teachers and students I have faced over this last year, your kindness has been an anchor to me, keeping me strong, and indeed, a major form of stability in my life. It makes me happy to know there is such love within and outside the family circle. I am extremely aware now that friends look after our needs so well and that perhaps there is a Being who knows that a supportive friend is needed to help through their troubled times.

Thank you my dear friend for all your prayers and for standing by me through everything. You can never know how grateful I am to you for bringing me a little sense and sanity into what was a very difficult period of my life. For your help, I am very happy, because it gave me a little light, and that light truly shines through you, and you have been such a great blessing to my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything!


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