Remembering Julia Lee

Julia Lee was a person of abundant cheer and good-natured laughter. She enriched the lives of those she knew with her easy smile and genuine warmth of personality. Julia loved people and people loved to be around Julia.

On February 17, Julia, her parents, and her younger brother were killed in a car accident while on a family vacation on New Zealand. Julia was 20 years old and just about to begin a study-abroad program at the University of Auckland. Her brother Griffin was 18 years old and finishing his senior year at Hong Kong International School. He was looking forward to joining his sister as a student at Tufts University this fall, where he was recently admitted through their early-decision program.

During her time as a high school student at Hong Kong International School, Julia pursued many passions, including service to society. In 2011, she joined the elective Asian History in Action class and took two service trips to build relationships with orphans living at the Child Rescue Center in Kranglovear, Cambodia. Julia’s compassion touched the hearts of many on these trips, especially a boy named Saly who still asks about her by name each time subsequent classes visit the Center. Along with her class, Julia committed to seeing these children receive the same opportunity for a college education that she had.

Julia_Saly_small                  Julia_Saly_Guitar_small

Concordia Welfare Education Foundation administers the college scholarships for the graduates of Child Rescue as well as many other development programs throughout the country. Your donation in memory of Julia will provide Saly, his three brothers, and other children at Child Rescue the opportunity attend college and pursue their futures. We are grateful to be stewards of your memorial donation to support children who Julia cared about and impacted with her life.

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University Scholarships in Cambodia

in memory of the Lee Family.


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