MEET: Dolphin

When suggesting that someone should get in touch with Dolphin to find out more about CWEF programs in China, it is not unusual for someone new to CWEF to say, “Dolphin? Is that a person?”

Yes, ‘Dolphin’ Liu Li is CWEF’s Programs Director for China. Dolphin joined CWEF in 2010 with a strong desire to utilize her previous experience in journalism and teaching to reach and serve disadvantaged communities. She took over both the scholarship and REACH program (at that time called Concordia Women’s Leadership Academy) in Guangdong province and has guided both in their professionalism and networking with local volunteers. This past year her position expanded to her current role, which allows her to support all of the China programs in their implementation and development.

Before joining CWEF, Dolphin was unclear about her future career plan. After joining CWEF and working more intentionally with young people and teachers, Dolphin discovered that her skills and interest lie in the field of social work. She has recently taken the examination for a social work certification and plans to focus on family relationships and teenager counseling in the future.

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