REACHing towards graduation


196 high school students in China learned about planning for the future and setting goals during the REACH activities at their school this year. After graduation, each student will pursue his or her own opportunities for the future. Powerful social networking tools, like QQ in China, help our CWEF team keep in touch with these women as they continue their education into university or find employment and start their family.

This year, CWEF invited seven previous graduates of the program to serve with us and with our program partners, including the American International School in Guangzhou (AISG), Target Foundation, and EMBER, as they give back to support the education of the next group of young women striving for the future. Summer, shown above, is a Year 1 university student studying towards a social work degree. She volunteered alongside AISG volunteers two times this year. Afterwards she told us, “As a girl who was helped by the CWEF programs, I always feel happy and satisfied taking part in the activities that are planned. I hope CWEF continues to develop in the future.”

We love to see the young people from the REACH program living out the value of community and collaboration in their lives, even after they have graduated from the program. Congratulations Summer, and congratulations to all of the students graduating this summer!

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