Latrine Training in Cambodia

In December and January, CWEF conducted the final two latrine trainings with eight HEAL advocates in Spean Chrey, Cambodia. The four-step latrine training is the first step in preparing the advocates for the installation of their new latrines.

CWEF staff members Kanhchana Thoy and Danay Mao led the training. In the first lesson of the December training, participants learned about the negative health effects when latrines are not available and they received information on the importance, care, placement and construction of the latrine. In the second lesson, participants learned about effects, treatment and prevention intestinal parasites. The final lesson explored the environmental impact and health effects of improperly disposed of human waste.

In addition to the HEAL advocates, Pastor Daravuth and village chief Lay Chea attended the training. CWEF’s impact in the community will only succeed with the support of the local leadership. Pastor Darvuth also shared three of the female advocates became Christians after the October training session.

Participants were blessed to have Pastor Daravuth lead the opening prayer and devotion on John13:34. Pastor Daravuth explained that Jesus gave His life for all of us and life in the village requires everyone to love and help each other. He encouraged the HEAL advocates to do whatever they know how to do, and that is the way to show love to one another.

Following the training, a local contractor installed nine latrines. Each HEAL advocate had the opportunity to determine the size and manner of construction for the structure surrounding the latrine. Some recipients included a shower and water basin; others covered their latrine with a tarp topped with a tin roof. Community members gathered at each latrine installation to share their recommendations with each latrine recipient.

The latrine project is just one of a number of projects in Spean Chrey. At the primary school, CWEF has worked with the community to install a well, purchase water filters for the classroom, develop a literacy center and promote community health training. Through this deep level of engagement in the community, CWEF strives to realize our vision of thriving communities, serving and inspiring hope in others.

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