Opening new doors with data

As a non-governmental organization, it is important to continually assess and question our program methodology to ensure quality programs truly meeting the needs of our beneficiaries.

Over the last few years, CWEF has been striving to collect, analyze and report data in useful and engaging ways. Surveys have been designed, tested and retested, but the CWEF staff still struggled how to make the data more accessible. A challenge is finding consistent and reliable evaluation tools for our projects and programs which often cross cultural, language and technological boundaries.

This spring, the CWEF administration decided to test Question Pro, an online survey software tool. As a non-governmental organization, CWEF was able to register for a free corporate Question Pro account opening a wide range of possibilities for survey and data compilation and collection. With this online survey software, CWEF will be able to quickly collect, store and analyze all of our data. A benefit of the online software is the ability to have multilingual surveys and results with the click of a button, saving hours of translation time.

Over the past few months, CWEF has tested health surveys in Cambodia and service team evaluation surveys this fall. As more surveys are completed, the CWEF staff look forward to using our newly collected and compiled data in accessible and engaging ways!

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