“I think that students will respond well if we start introducing puppets into the health trainings we facilitate at the village schools,” said our Cambodia Education Program Director, Danay Mao.

In February we had the chance to try it out. A small team approached CWEF to offer their time, if we could use it, during the February holiday in Hong Kong. “Yes,” we answered. “Please come and work with our team in Cambodia. Are you willing to try something new?” They did a great job of trying out simple skits with the puppets to reinforce water health teachings that Danay was providing to the students. Danay is excited about the student response to the puppets and looks forward to developing this idea more to fit in with health education initiatives at schools in Cambodia.

In addition to the water health training at the school, the Cambodia team and volunteers conducted water quality testing, home visits, and health checks. All of this is important ground work for facilitating the HEAL program throughout the village next year.

 DanayTeaching  WaterFilter 

 PickMe  WaterQuality

HealthChecks  SP_HomeVisit_Feb2015


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