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Mr. Wang lives with his mother, wife and son in rural Yunnan province. Their older daughter is 17 years old and married. They are all Lahu minority people. The lack of water in their village made their life difficult. Wang and his family could not feed many livestock; they could not grow enough vegetables for their family. When the recent drought became serious, they couldn’t plant rice and had to buy rice from the nearby market town instead. Their main income comes from tea leaves, but even water for their trees was not available. Wang was happy when he heard that CWEF would help their village build a drinking water system. Their family raised 300 RMB and contributed labor work towards project.

Reliable clean water leads to better hygiene and improved health
Reliable clean water leads to better hygiene and improved health

With the water system complete, Wang plans to feed 6 pigs, 20 more chickens and 2 cattle this year. He believes his family income will increase next year. At the same time, their family is preparing materials for building a new solar water shower. Wang said he and his family members don’t need to carry water anymore; they can do more farm work and plant vegetables. Wang thinks that it is good to install a meter for every family and charge a small fee for system management and maintenance. They expressed their commitment to maintain the system, as well as their deep thanks to the donors who helped to support the project.

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