Funding Needed for 2012

CWEF would like to thank our generous donors for the financial support given for successful programs in 2011.  Please consider financial support for two programs that need additional funding for 2012. 

According to Guangdong Education Bureau 51.5% of female urban students in Guangdong graduate from high school but only 12.4% of female rural students. Concordia Leadership Academy (CLA) is a mentoring program that works with rural impoverished students to encourage their desire to continue studying and teach them methods for coping with pressures of meeting test requirements, rigorous school schedules and isolation from family support while living in boarding environments. Gifts given towards a goal of HKD$ 775,000 (USD $100,000) supports participation of 240 students in the CLA program monthly meetings and workshops as well as training for 48 teachers in 8 schools.  The program will operate in 8 schools in 3 provinces during the 2012-2013 academic year.

CWEF China high school scholarships award tuition, boarding and book fees for each rural impoverished student. The majority of sponsored students are female. Students are invited to apply for scholarships after they receive the results of their high school entrance examination. Applications are reviewed based on family financial situation, test results and an assessment of the student’s intention to continue studies after high school. CWEF Scholarship program is seeking an additional HKD$ 217,000 (USD $28,000) to support education for 75 rural students in Yunnan, China. Your gift of any amount makes a life-changing difference in the lives of these students.



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