“Solstice 2012”: HKIS Interact Charity Fashion Show

On Saturday April 28, Hong Kong International School (HKIS) Interact presented their annual charity fashion show entitled “Solstice 2012”. The 13th annual charity fashion show, presented by the students and faculty, was a professional display of the design and vocal talents of many HKIS students. The young men and women of HKIS modeled clothing from both well-known designers and HKIS student designers. HK$430,000 was raised for EMBER, on behalf of CWEF, in support of need-based scholarships for high school students in China.

Iantha Scheiwe, executive director of CWEF, along with Zella Talbot of the HKIS Humanities department, closed the evening by thanking the participants. Elain and Sally, two current CWEF high school scholarship students from Xiangshan Middle School in Deqing, Guangdong, China traveled to Hong Kong to share their stories with those in attendance.

The speeches of both students thanked CWEF for the support. Elain says:

“Joining in CWEF, not only my life changed a lot, but also my personality changed a lot. You know, there are many interesting activities in CWEF. Every activity is different and teaches me different things. I’ve grown up during these activities. I used to be a shy girl and dared not to talk with others. I would not greet someone until someone greeted me first, but now I am an active girl. I can speak loudly in front of many people. I used to have few friends but now I have lots of friends. It’s CWEF that helped me change so much.”

Sally stated,

“I like the CWEF REACH classes, which make me happy. At these classes, I have learned a lot. I know how to study, how to live and how to be a good person in society. I also made lots of friends in these classes. They are very kind, friendly and out-going. I get along well with them. I enjoy the moment when we get together to play or study.”

CWEF would like to thank both EMBER and HKIS for their generosity and commitment to the education of impoverished students in China. Through the gift of HK$430,000, 143 students in China and Cambodia will receive scholarships to high school and university.

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