Community Health Education (CHE)

In the last six months, 20 village volunteers shared what they have learned through giving training to 1,205 Chinese villagers in basic health concepts following the methods of the Community Health Education (CHE) program.

Starting six months ago, CWEF staff trained 20 villagers in CHE concepts. Since their first training, those trainers have led an additional 33 training sessions.

Long is 35 years old. He is a  villager in one of the villages where CWEF trained local CHE teachers. He has four people in his family, including his wife, son (3 years old) and daughter (9 years old). His daughter studies in primary school. She goes to school on Sundays and returns to the village on  Fridays after her classes complete. The government  school in his village area is too far away for her to  travel there and back each day for class, so she boards at the  school during the week. Last year their family income  for the year was 8000RMB (US$1250, or 85¢/day each). Their family has been fortunate that they have not had serious illnesses.  Long’s family participated in the CHE trainings given during the fall. Since the training, his family members now all brush their teeth every day. CWEF will continue to encourage the local trainers in all of the health topics as well as monitor the village situations to look for longer term changed habits and improved health and sanitation conditions.


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