Clean Water in Cambodia

In a country that floods annually during the rainy season, Cambodia’s amount of water available is not always a problem. The problem for many rural communities is the cleanliness of their water. CWEF supports rural communities through a partnership with Resource Development International to meet a need for clean water.

RDI is a Christian organization that has developed a water filter unit for families. The device consists of a plastic container, a clay pot, one plastic O-ring, a spigot, a scrub brush for cleaning, and a plastic lid. All components are specially designed for the purpose of cleanliness and efficiency.

A filter unit lasts 2 to 4 years before it needs replacement.  It filters out harmful bacteria, viruses, and chemical components. RDI manufactures, supplies and teaches about the use of their filters, but they aren’t able to reach every town and village.

Last month CWEF distributed 40 filters to Bos Pul in northern Cambodia and this month 40 filters will be given to more families in the same area. Volunteers participating in service learning events are trained to distribute and educate families about the filters. The volunteers teach in groups of two, with the help of translators, to small groups of villagers consisting of 7 to 10 people.

For many, clean water is the difference between sickness and health, working or staying home, sanitation or filth. CWEF plans to continue distributing filters and educating about clean water use, striving to serve the great need in Cambodia.


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