Kids HEAL in Yunnan


Good habits are much easier to establish in the lives of young people. That is why CWEF’s HEAL (Health Education: Advocacy and Literacy) program intentionally includes primary schools in its health education outreach. Research also indicates that receiving good health messages from peers is an effective method for improving knowledge of healthy living and increasing self-esteem.

CWEF’s Yunnan Health Director, Soniya Zhao, trained 10 HEAL student advocates in Lufeng County during December 10-12, 2013. These student advocates will participate in three of these “training of trainer” (TOT) events. The first event focused on the correct method of washing hands and brushing teeth, communication, and skills of advocacy.

After each TOT event, the student advocates lead health promotion activities throughout their primary school population so that all 155 of the students in their primary school are introduced to information about hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, germ-transmission, and other important health topics. Their first activity in the school was on December 17, 2013.

We are so proud of these young students who care about the health of their classmates and families. In addition to the important health learning, it is awesome to see how they develop teaching and confidence skills as well as a passion for service in their new roles!

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