Clean Water, Renewed Health and A New Business

Noeth lives in Kampong Taben village with her husband Thy and their three children who still live with them. They also have five grown children who live with their own families.

Like most of their neighbors, Noeth and Thy are farmers. Depending on the season, they grow mostly cassava and cashews. Thy is also currently serving as the village chief, a time-consuming and difficult post without a lot of benefit.

Noeth collects water for their family from a nearby well, but this untreated water is not safe for drinking. In early 2017, CWEF began providing BioSand Water Filters for the first group of 50 families in their village and the surrounding area in partnership with local government leaders and two local Christian pastors.

Through this project, Noeth and her family were able to install a BioSand Water Filter at their home in 2017. When we visited with her to follow up, Noeth reflected:

“Since I’ve had the BioSand Filter at home, I feel that my life is brighter than before. It’s so convenient for me to use the water, which is clear and doesn’t smell like before. We use the water from the filter for cooking, drinking and brushing our teeth. Also, I’ve been able to save money because my family doesn’t get sick as often as we did before, so we don’t need to spend as much money to buy medicine. With our savings, I have been able to open a small grocery shop now!”

Like so many other people CWEF has been able to provide with improved access to clean water, Noeth and her family have been blessed with more time, renewed health, new opportunities for income, and greater hope for the future.

With the gifts received during the GlobalGiving Accelerator campaign, CWEF Cambodia Health Director Kanhchana Thoy is now working with our local partners in Sandan district to expand the BioSand Water Filter project there to reach 100 additional families with convenient access to clean and healthy water in the coming months.

Looking into the future, we hope to reach even more families like Noeth’s with the precious and transformative gift of clean water. Please consider another generous donation today: $100 provides clean water for an entire family.

In addition to the Biosand Water Filters, CWEF trains families in proper maintenance of their filter, along with education on proper sanitation and hygiene, and its effect on disease prevention and overall health. With proper care and maintenance, each water filter can provide a family with clean water for more than 20 years.

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