Serving with CRO at Stronghold Cambodia

From June 18-29, five students and two teachers from Orange Lutheran High School (Orange, California) joined a group from Hong Kong International School to visit the Kingdom of Wonder to serve with CWEF.

The team took time to learn more about the history and culture of Cambodia before traveling to the Child Rescue Organization (CRO) in Kampong Chhnang province. The team spent a few days getting to know the students at CRO. Through art, games, Bible studies and conversations the team and the students at CRO were able to encourage each other in faith.

The high school students at CRO traveled with the team Sihanoukville to serve at Stronghold Cambodia for the second year. This year three more students joined the team to share their time, talents and joy with the children at Stronghold. The team was able to help with the English and computer lessons, do yard work, lead Bible lessons and song time, as well as facilitate a day camp.

Over the last seven years, CWEF has walked alongside the CRO students as they grow up. When CWEF began visiting CRO with teams in 2010 simple conversations were a challenge, and most of the students at CRO did not expect to graduate from high school. Today, the CRO students eagerly volunteer to lead activities with the teams when they visit, and CWEF supports the CRO students as they complete their university education.

CWEF looks forward to continuing the partnership with CRO and supporting the students as they become leaders in their community and beyond!

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