CUI in Yunnan


In July, the CWEF Yunnan office hosted a service learning team from Concordia University in Irvine, California. Many of the team members are staff at the university. They plan to lead service learning trips in the future and to encourage university students to serve in community development efforts. One member of the team, also employed by the university, will be facilitating international activities focused on global awareness and development. The participants agreed that they gained valuable and practical experiences from their time of service with CWEF.

Together with CWEF staff, the CUI team evaluated the impact of a drinking water project that was completed in a village in central Yunnan. Through the use of village surveys, the team discovered that the drinking water project immediately improved lives, even in the short time period since the system had been completed.

One local resident, a woman who suffers from acute arthritis so severe that she can barely get out of bed unless given medication each day, no longer had to walk for hours each day to collect water. Her ability to help her husband around the home has greatly increased. As a result, he is freed to spend more time tending to needs of the community as a whole.

CWEF is grateful for the help that CUI provided in completing the surveys and gathering information. Without their help, our staff would have needed many more days in the village collecting this important data. Thriving communities happen when we serve together!

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