The Gift of Pigs


In April 2012, CWEF’s Animal Gift program began in China’s Yunnan province with the first ten families from Longtan and Laziqing villages receiving ¥2,000 (US$325) each for the purpose of buying and caring for animals. In January 2013, these first ten families returned the funds, which were then transferred to the second group of ten families in January 2013.

Long Xuehua’s family is one of beneficiaries in the first group of ten families. Long Xuehua is 51 years old. His wife, Yuan Zhenhua, is 49 years old. They experienced great tragedy a few years ago when one of their two children died in an accident. The last few years, their financial hardship has been exasperating for them. Their daughter and son-in-law have been staying with them because of unemployment. In spite of financial hardship, they hold to their faith and values, and continue to practice generosity to their community.

Long Xuehua was hoping his family’s income might increase at least ¥1000 through the Animal Gift project. With the funds, his wife took good care of 14 piglets from their sow and bought nutritional supplements to make the piglets grow up quickly. Unfortunately, 10 piglets died and 3 piglets were given to their relatives; they had to buy another two piglets in August 2012. When we visited their home in January 2013, their remaining three piglets were fully grown. Long Xuehua showed us these pigs and told us that he would sell one pig before Spring Festival and two pigs would be slaughtered in February. These two pigs will provide enough meat for his family for the year.

Long Xuehua’s family made about ¥700 additional net income last year as a result of the Animal Gift project. He felt satisfied about it even if it was less than his expectation. When their piglets died, he didn’t ask for any financial assistance from the common risk fund, which was set up as part of the project, because he felt the pigs were his own responsibility. He is grateful and gives thanks to the donors and to his wife who always supports him in his service to their community and takes primary responsibility in caring for their pigs.

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