MEET: Li Yuyin (Maggie)


Li Yuyin (Maggie) is the newest addition to our CWEF team. She serves as education director in CWEF China’s Kunming office.

Maggie is responsible for working with various government and school partners in Yunnan province to facilitate CWEF’s education programs. Her responsibilities include connecting with current scholarship students, helping to select future recipients, coordinating and executing the REACH program, and hosting service learning teams focused on teaching.

Maggie’s background in non-profit and education-related work is extensive and spans the globe. Most recently Maggie volunteered with World Vision and provided translation services part-time. Maggie has additional experience translating for a Chinese government aid organization in Ethiopia and working for Christopher Blind Mission (a German non-profit).

Maggie grew up in southern Yunnan and attended university in Kunming, graduating with a degree in English teaching. She put her degree to good use in local secondary schools as a teacher for eight years. As she settles into her new position, Maggie is excited to put her experience and knowledge of the Chinese education system to work with CWEF. She shares, “I want to contribute to this position and improve upon our work so we can help the most students.” We are excited to welcome Maggie!

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