Cambodia: Clean Water for 40 Families


Kampong Chhnang Province is the 15th largest in Cambodia with a population of 471,616 people. Located in the heartland of Cambodia, most parts of the province contain fertile soil reservoirs with abundant fish and rice paddies. Unfortunately, as with many places in Cambodia, Kampong Chhnang suffers from a shortage of clean drinking water.

During the month of December 2012, CWEF staff and local partners completed the installation of 8 waters wells with hand pumps supporting 40 families in Kampong Chhnang. Five wells were installed in Phnom Taos village and the additional three wells in Dom Nakklong village. These two villages are approximately 5 hours north of the capital, Phnom Penh.

Prior to the installation of the wells, the residents of Phnom Taos and Dom Nakklong were collecting water from a nearby pond, which was not suitable for cooking or drinking.  During the dry season, this pond would dry up.

CWEF staff met with the village chief and the water well contractor to determine where, when and how the 8 water wells might be completed. The contractor confirmed that it would take one week to finish all the wells and the cost for each well would be US$450. In addition to the installation of the wells, five individuals in charge of well maintenance received ‘safe water’ and ‘well maintenance’ training from CWEF staff. The wells were dedicated in a ceremony at the end of December allowing the families to come together, celebrate, enjoy fellowship, and envision a stronger and healthier future as a community.

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