Clean Water for Tangzishan

From September 22-26, Tangzishan village had some interesting guests: a group of 25 high school students and teachers from Concordia International School Shanghai. This service learning group had come to Tangzishan to work alongside the local residents to install a clean water system donated by their school and facilitated by CWEF. During their several days in the village, the team worked hard digging a deeper hole for the new cistern, digging trenches where pipe would be laid, and widening out the road leading to the cistern so that materials could be brought in.

The visiting students also had the privilege of spending some time to interview a number of the local families in their homes. One such woman was Mrs. Long Yifei. Here are a few of the questions she answered:

How is your family? Do you have any children?

Each family here is allowed two children. I have two children: one son and one daughter. My son is 25 years old and my daughter is 23 years old; they both do farm work and live in the village. Most villagers grow up and stay in the village for the rest of their lives.

How much schooling and education did your children receive?

My son finished middle school, and my daughter completed elementary school up to the third grade.

How long does it take to get water without using the taps?

Before, it took about one hour to get water, but now it’s easier to have clean water because of the taps and the pipes that will be installed. We need water to wash food, to wash our faces and feet, and for the animals. I am very thankful for the work on the water project, because it will save lots of time instead of having us walk five kilometers to the water source. 

CWEF would like to thank the community at Concordia International School Shanghai for partnering with us to improve life in places like Tangzishan and for people like Mrs. Long!

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