2012 EMBER Summer Camp

EMBER, with the support of CWEF conducted their annual summer camp from July 6-9, focusing on English and leadership skills for sixty of our female high school scholarship recipients in Deqing, Guangdong, China.

Volunteers from Hong Kong high schools and universities from around the world joined together to help the students improve their English and leadership skills through games, songs, acting and English activities.

A number of CWEF university scholarship students, who previously received high school scholarships, returned to help inspire and guide the high school students. Volunteers were able to visit the homes of several of the scholarship students, which provided them a window into the life of our students and created a greater awareness of the impacts of poverty in rural China. The students and volunteers also spent an afternoon visiting and singing with residents of a local elderly home. It was great to see the girls connect with other people whose need was just as great or greater than their own.

CWEF believes the awareness these experiences create is an important part of becoming a contributing member of society. We would like to thank the members of EMBER for their continuing commitment to the education and development of young women in China.

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