Vision, Mission, Principles


Thriving communities, serving and inspiring hope in others.


Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization founded by Lutheran Christians and dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished rural communities in Asia through education and service.

We partner with local communities, organizations and governments to identify sources of poverty and implement programs in the areas of education and community health.

We believe education creates opportunities for people to change their lives and create a new future.


As we prepared to celebrate ten years of service, the CWEF staff and board gathered to define our organizational values of people, service, trustworthiness and creativity.

People: We believe each person has inherent value and unique God-given strengths.  With this in mind, we seek to treat everyone we interact with as gifts from God rather than as tools or objects.  Reflecting the love of Christ through authentic care and development of people is the most important goal of our work. 1 Peter 4:10-11 ESV

Service: As Christ demonstrated through His death and resurrection, service and sacrifice on behalf of others saves lives and creates lasting change.  We strive to follow Christ’s example to the best of our ability with the support and direction of the Holy Spirit.  Mark 10:42-45 ESV

Trustworthiness: In Jesus Christ, we have a reliable and trustworthy cornerstone. We can trust him – he is the same yesterday, today and forever. We seek to emulate him by developing genuine relationships that encourage interdependence, reliability, transparency and integrity. Ephesians 2:19-22; Hebrews 13:8 ESV

Creativity: God the Creator breathed his own life into us and designed us in his own image. We steward his gift of creativity by encouraging curiosity. We ask challenging questions and seek to foster an environment that stimulates learning and experimentation. We recognize that thoughtful data collection and analysis supports our creativity and helps to inspire new ideas.  Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7


Sincerity in Action

  • We respect all people involved in CWEF work.
  • The work we do reflects our commitment to quality, to caring for others and to our core values.

Bridge Building

  • Through communication and action we facilitate cooperation and partnership between our stakeholders.
  • We promote cultural understanding and mutual respect.

Commitment to Local Needs

  • Local needs are valued and guide project development.
  • We foster ownership and local participation in all projects.

Sustainable Impact

  • Always accounting for available resources, we plan and implement projects that result in long-term improvements in people’s lives.
  • Project goals are set and impacts are measured.


  • To enhance livelihoods we equip people with new knowledge and awareness through training and education.
  • We enable people to discover opportunities to help themselves and others.