Animal Gift


While CWEF partners with a community to provide health education knowledge and access to clean drinking water, villagers may identify additional needs to us related to malnutrition in their families. In these villages, education is not enough to combat malnutrition, often resources are unavailable for growing or purchasing healthy food. Additional support is needed to assist the village community to reach a level of self-sufficiency.

Animal gift programs are cyclical programs that provide animals to approved community members for rearing. When the animal is grown, the recipient dedicates a portion of the initial profit from rearing the animal to passing on an animal to another member in the community, and the cycle continues.

CWEF works with the local leaders and community members in a village to identify a steering committee to guide a “give the gift” process long-term in the area. The committee is responsible for evaluating villager applications for receiving an animal gift. It is also responsible for ensuring that the recipient passes on an animal to another person at the right time. The gifting program includes provisions for a community fund to insure against negative events such as animal sickness. It also provides training for all new recipients as gifting progresses from family to family.

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