CWEF implements scholarship programs to support rural, impoverished students who have demonstrated a commitment to their studies to continue education at the high school and university levels. 


The High School Scholarship program in China serves high-achieving high school students from poor families. The Chinese government provides free public education through grade 9, but tuition must be paid for high school. Many rural families have little access to affordable student loans or financing, so high-achieving female students cannot pursue a high school education.

CWEF works with the high schools and education officials to provide high school scholarships to vulnerable (poor, female, handicapped, minority, etc.) and well-qualified students (good character and grades). Our hope is these students will continue to foster close relationships in their home communities and encourage others to pursue their education.

CWEF partners with EMBER and the GIN group at the American International School in Guangzhou to support and encourage the students studying in Guangdong province. CWEF also partners with Target International, Concordia International School Shanghai, Hong Kong International School and other groups and individuals to provide sponsorships.




The University Scholarship program in Cambodia serves disadvantaged youth who have overcome great challenges to complete their high school education. These students are financially unable to continue their education once they gain acceptance into university.

Since 2010, CWEF has partnered with Hong Kong International School (HKIS) to support and encourage these students.