CWEF’s GROW program seeks to improve the lives of left-behind children by connecting these children with university student mentors, who provide support and encouragement through regular phone calls and in-person visits. Additionally, GROW student mentors seek to facilitate improved communication between children and their parents, as well as coordinate with local schools to organize regular GROW activities at the school consisting of music, sports, language instruction, and other fun activities.

A GROW pilot project is now underway in Guangdong province, Huaiji county, where nearly 70% of children are ‘left-behind.’ All current GROW volunteers are previous recipients of CWEF’s high school scholarship program, and many of these GROW volunteers also participated in other CWEF programs while in high school, such as the REACH student development program and Career Workshops.

GROW provides training and support to these previous recipients, equipping them to give back to young left-behind students in need, and providing an opportunity for both children and young adults to ‘grow up together’ with a greater sense of service for others and hope for the future.


The average student served by GROW…

  • is in 4th – 6th grade.
  • has 3 siblings.
  • has one or both parents living and working in a large city in the Pearl River Delta, such as Guangzhou or Foshan.
  • is taken care of by grandparents, who are usually in their 60’s and 70’s and whose own schooling ended after primary school.
  • seeks out a fellow classmate when they are unhappy or have a problem with their schoolwork, rather than their parents, guardians or teachers.

For more information about the GROW program, please read this white paper.

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