Face shields delivered to Wuhua District Hospital in Kunming

Stop the virus! Spread the love!

Thank you for standing with front-line health care workers in China during the most difficult days of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Your gifts made it possible for CWEF to send a total of 10000 surgical masks, 1500 plastic face shields, 500 thermometers, and 300 medical protective suits to support health care workers and their patients at three hospitals in Hubei and Yunnan. All remaining funds will be used to support intermediate relief project(s) that provide support for children whose families have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Together with many others around the world, you helped us protect and encourage the brave men and women who are risking their lives to serve others. Thank you for your prayers and gifts. 

All of us at CWEF would like to sincerely thank you and echo the words of Dr. Deng of Wuhan Union Hospital, who shared the following message with us:

“非常感谢您们的帮助和支持!您们多保重!:: Thank you very much for your help and support! Please take care of yourselves!”

Dr. Deng of Wuhan Union Hospital

Thank you for what you have done to take care of others in need, just as you take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of yourselves and your family members. 

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