REACH Teachers’ Workshop 2017

The CWEF’s REACH program provides training for teachers of at-risk students through team building, self-awareness, goal setting, interpersonal communication, emotional management and volunteer service. The program aims to enhance the resilience of young people, helping them to overcome challenges in their daily life and school life. In July, nine teachers from three schools (Renhua School, Heshan School and Deqing Confucius School) attended the annual four-day REACH training in Hong Kong.
In order to support the teachers of the schools and to help them better deliver the contents of the REACH program to the students, CWEF organizes Teachers’ Workshop on a regular basis every year. The workshop aims to enhance their teaching skills, strengthen their sense of mission in the REACH program, and to seek a solution together for any problems encountered.
Training was enhanced by several new tools and activities. The theory of the Johari Window—an activity and model for increasing self-understanding, and the DISC personality test provided teachers with additional instruments and models for increasing student resiliency. School visits, presentations by a social worker and administrator, and other team building activities provided both content and opportunities for on-site training.
One REACH teacher reflected, “I am inspired by the Johari Window—it helps me to better understand myself. I am motivated towards a life goal. I think I can apply what I have learned and I will use it in my work, in my life and in the REACH program in my school.”

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Cambodia Service Learning Program

Through the customizable CWEF service learning program, teams can learn about the history and culture of a place as they serve with CWEF. In June, a group of American high school students and Hong Kong International School alumni joined in a 12-day service learning program in Cambodia. During the visit, the team spent time in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville as well as Kampong Thom and Kampong Chhnang provinces.
The team had a historical and cultural orientation of Cambodia before serving with the students of Child Rescue Organization in Kampong Chhnang and Stronghold Cambodia in Sihanoukville.
The historical orientation included visits to ancient and modern historical sites. The team spent one day touring the temples of Angkor Wat and visits to the Angkor National Museum, the National Museum of Cambodia and Wat Phnom. After learning about the Cambodia at its peak, the students learned more about the dark times of modern Cambodian history. Through visits to the Landmine Museum in Siem Reap and the Toul Sleng and Cheoung Ek in Phnom Penh, the team gained a better understanding of the magnitude of the war and genocide during the Khmer Rouge era.
To encourage a well-rounded understanding of current Cambodian culture the team also had the chance to have some cultural experiences. The first major cultural experience was Phare, the Cambodian circus in Siem Reap. The story was one person’s struggle through the Khmer Rouge era and journey of healing through acrobatic and artistic expression.
In Phnom Penh, the team also had the opportunity to visit an art academy where they learned more about traditional Cambodian dances before watching a professional traditional dance performance.
The team also spent one day in Kampong Thom province as they traveled between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to learn more about social enterprises and business as mission at Khmer Homestay. The team visited a fair-trade workshop, made traditional Khmer rice noodles and learned more about the impact of social enterprises on the employees and community.
After historical and cultural orientation was complete, the team spent six days serving at Child Rescue Organization (CRO) in Kampong Chhnang and Stronghold Cambodia in Sihanoukville. The team sponsored the high school students from CRO to join them at Stronghold Cambodia where the CRO students led most of the activities where they were able to strengthen their leadership skills.
If your school, congregation or organization is interested in a customized service learning trip with CWEF, please contact our service learning coordinator.

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Shining Star Organization – Registered!




EXCITING NEWS! Last week, Shining Star Organization received its registration certificate from the local Civil Affairs Bureau. This is a moment we have been looking forward to for several years. Shining Star’s founding members, including founding director Tan Yuan (“Summer”), are all previous recipients of CWEF’s High School Scholarship program. They were also blessed through their participation in the REACH student development program and various CWEF Service Learning activities over the years. CWEF’s staff and volunteers have given much time, energy and love to these young women.

Now, Summer and the 60+ volunteer members of Shining Star will be reaching out in love and service to ‘left-behind’ children in rural Guangdong province through the GROW program. CWEF will be providing support and start-up funding to Shining Star, made possible through generous donations from members of the community at Concordia International School Shanghai. It is an honor to walk with these young women as they step out in service, and we thank God for giving us the opportunity to witness this wonderful fruit of the work He has given us to do. 

Support Shining Star’s work with a gift to the GROW program.

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