Sustained Health and Hope for Sarer 對Sarer的持續性健康和希望

Sarer was a young wife and mother when she was widowed in 1994 in rural Cambodia. Sarer於1994年在柬埔寨鄉村喪偶時,還是一位年輕的妻子和母親。 Her husband died of malaria, a common malady for farmers in tropical areas. 她的丈夫死於瘧疾, 而熱帶地區農民普遍患有瘧疾。 Sarer lives in a multi-generational home with her elderly mother, along with her daughter and son-in-law. Sarer與年邁的母親以及女兒和女婿一同住在多代人的房屋裡。 She works hard to provide daily necessities for her family. 她努力工作為了給家人提供生活必需品。

“As a widow, without a good education, I don’t have any opportunity to work in higher-paying jobs. I work as a farmer, raising chickens, and I grow some veggies,” shares Sarer. “作為一名寡婦,我沒有受過良好的教育,沒有任何機會從事高薪工作。我從事農民工作,養雞,還種了一些蔬菜” ,Sarer分享道。 “I remember a few years ago, my mom got sick with typhoid and stomach pains, while my daughter’s health was also weak. “我記得幾年前,我媽媽因傷寒和胃痛生病,而同時我女兒的健康狀況也很差。 It required so much money that I took some loans to solve these problems. 它需要花費非常大數目的錢,於是我借了些貸款來解決這些問題。 I thought that sickness is a part of [normal] life … so I didn’t fight to get anything better.” 我以為疾病就是生活中的一部分,所以我沒有爲取得更好的進步而爭取。”

Through a CWEF Animal Gift project, Sarer’s livelihood started to improve. 通過協同福利及教育基金的一個「動物之禮」項目,Sarer的生活開始得到改善。 She received animal husbandry training and five chickens. 她接受了畜牧業的培訓和五隻雞。 Her brood of chickens now numbers around 80! 她的雞群現在大約有80隻! With the money from her chicken business, Sarer purchased a rice mill machine. Sarer用她的養雞事業所得的錢購買了一台碾米機。 She sells organic rice and uses the rice bran to feed her animals. 她出售有機大米,並用米糠來餵養動物。

Later, CWEF introduced health training and made biosand water filters available to Sarer’s village. 後來,協同福利及教育基金實施了健康方面的培訓,並向Sarer的村莊提供了生物砂濾水器。 “I learned more about the bad effects of using unclean water.” “我更多了了解了使用不潔的水造成的不良影響。” She discovered that the cause of many diseases that her family and neighboring villagers experienced were from unclean water, such as abdominal pain, typhoid fever, and diarrhea. 她發現她的家人和附近的村民經歷了許多疾病,例如腹痛,傷寒和腹瀉,而原因來自於不乾淨的水。 Sarer was very interested in using a biosand water filter. Sarer對於生物砂濾水器的使用非常感興趣。 “I thought that I need to protect myself and take care my family from now on.” “我認為從現在開始我需要保護自己並照顧我的家人”

Sarer’s health improved dramatically once she received a biosand water filter in 2018. Sarer在2018年獲得生物砂濾水器後,健康狀況便得到了顯著的改善。 She no longer needs to search for firewood needed to boil and purify her drinking water. 她不再需要尋找柴火去燒開和淨化飲用水。 “I trust the biosand filter!” she shares. “我對生物砂過濾器很有信心!”她分享道。 “I use the water for cooking, drinking, and showering. I am now healthier than in the past. I have more strength to work and take care of my family.” “我使用水來做飯,飲用,和淋浴。現在我比過去更加健康。我有了更多的力量去工作和照顧我的家人。”

CWEF’s vision is a “world of thriving communities, serving and inspiring hope in others.” 協同福利及教育基金的願景是“一個繁榮的社區,為他人服務並激發希望的世界。” Through CWEF projects, Sarer and her family are now thriving. 通過協同福利及教育基金的項目,Sarer和她家人現在蒸蒸日上。 In her own words, she reflects: 用她自己的話來說,她反映:

“My life is better than five to six years ago. Thank you so much for bringing the development projects – both Animal Gift and Biosand Filter projects – to my community.” “我的生活比五六年前要好多了。非常感謝您將開發項目「動物之禮」和「生物砂濾水器計畫」來引入我的社區。”

Support Mothers Like Sarer: 支持像Sarer這樣的母親:



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