Protection for Today, Health for Tomorrow 守護今日,健康明天

In May 2020, student health advocates at Zengyi primary school in Yunnan province received training in specific health knowledge and behaviors, which they have committed to pass on to their peers and to model in their daily life. 2020年5月,雲南省增益小學的一名學生健康倡導者接受了關於健康知識習慣的培訓。他們的責任是將知識傳授給周邊的同學,也要做同學的榜樣。

Guimei, a 10-year-old student at Zengyi, was selected to be a student health advocate because of her personal discipline, confidence, and natural leadership qualities. 桂梅,一名增益小學的10歲學生,因她的自律、信心和天生的領導力,被選為了學生健康提倡者。 She and her family are from the Miao ethnic minority group, and because her home is far away Guimei lives at the school during the week. 她和她的家人都是苗族人。由於家離得很遠,所以桂梅平日都在校住宿。 At home, her family does not have access to sanitary toilets or bathing facilities, so Guimei bathes during the week when she boards at school. 她家裡沒有衛生的廁所或浴室,所以桂梅都是在住校期間洗澡。 It was also at school that Guimei learned crucial health and hygiene lessons through CWEF’s HEAL program. 也是在學校,桂梅才通過CWEF的HEAL計畫學到了至關重要的健康衛生知識。

“I learned to wash my hands frequently, wear masks, have good hygiene, and not eat junk food,” shares Guimei. “我學會了要經常洗手,戴口罩,養成衛生習慣,而且不能吃垃圾食品,”桂梅分享道。 “If you don’t wash your hands, you will get sick easily. If you don’t brush your teeth, you will get cavities, which will affect your appearance.” “如果不洗手的話就很容易生病。如果不刷牙的話就會蛀牙,還會變得不好看。”

When Guimei returned home on the weekends, she advocated for healthy habits with her parents and grandparents. 週末桂梅回家的時候,她向父母還有爺爺奶奶分享了健康習慣。

“I shared my knowledge of handwashing with my mom and dad, and grandparents. Apart from Grandma, they all think it’s very good. Grandma thinks it’s troublesome and doesn’t like this way of washing hands.” “我把學到的洗手知識告訴了爸爸媽媽爺爺奶奶。除了奶奶之外,大家都覺得這麼做很好。奶奶覺得這樣洗手很麻煩,也不喜歡這個洗手方式。”

In addition to these topics, Guimei and other student health advocates learned how viruses are transmitted, how to avoid and treat diarrhea, and how to avoid accidental injuries such as scalding. 不只有健康習慣,桂梅和其他學生健康倡導者們還學習了病毒的傳播方式、如何預防治療腹瀉,以及避免意外性受傷,例如燙傷,的方式。 Health advocate and trainer Ms. Cao shares, “The HEAL project is designed for the basic needs of the rural population. The personal hygiene habits of rural community and primary school students, as well as the basic conditions for maintaining these habits, are still lacking. The project starts from improving people’s awareness and solving the problems of water, hand washing, bathing, and other essential facilities, which complement each other.” 健康倡導者及教導員曹女士分享道,“HEAL計畫是專門為了滿足鄉村人群的基本需求而設計的。如今,偏僻地區以及小學生依舊匱乏關於健康個人衛生的知識以及養成健康習慣的環境。計畫針對了水源、洗手、洗澡以及其他互補的必需設施等問題,從增強人們對其的意識、改善前述的問題開始。”

These teachings have been foundational to additional education in the current season about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. 在這個出現了嶄新的新冠病毒—COVID 19的時期,這些課程成為了進一步教育的基礎。 The HEAL training included instructions for proper mask wearing and prevention of this new infectious disease. HEAL課程當中包含了正確配戴口罩的步驟以及預防此傳染病的方式。 Guimei shares, 桂梅分享道:

“I hope the coronavirus will end soon, so everyone can return to school. Studying at home is lonely. I feel sad when I cannot learn more knowledge.” “我希望疫情能早點結束,這樣大家都能早點回學校上課了。在家裡讀書感覺很孤單。不能學到更多知識讓我很難過。“

Guimei’s principal, Mr. Hua, reflected, “The health project is very good, especially for improving the students’ basic health habits. There are more and more students who wash their hands with soap and hand sanitizer. During the dry season, there is a shortage of water in the reservoir. I hope that we can also solve the problem of water shortage.” 桂梅的校長,花先生反映道:“此次的健康計畫極好,特別是它能夠改善學生們的基礎衛生習慣。最近有更多的學生在洗手的時候會用肥皂和洗手液了。乾季的時候會有水庫缺水的情況。我希望我們能有辦法解決缺水。”

Beyond the current health crisis, Ms. Cao affirms the HEAL program’s value over the long-term for people in rural China: “Good personal hygiene habits and behaviors are the basis for maintaining health, and should continue to be the focus. Chronic disease has been a major health problem in China, and the root of chronic disease can be traced back to childhood.” 除了當下的健康危機之外,曹女士還強調了HEAL計畫對中國偏僻地區的長期價值:“良好的衛生習慣及行為是維持健康的基礎,也是我們應當持續注重的一點。慢性疾病一直是中國一項嚴峻的問題,而慢性病的病因則可以從童年追溯起。”

With their new knowledge and the formation of healthy habits, students like Guimei have a better chance for a healthy future in which they can thrive. 在學習了關於健康習慣的知識之後,像桂梅一樣的學生就可以有更大的機會,在健康的未來中茁壯成長。 About her own future, Guimei shared: 關於自己的未來,桂梅分享道:

“I want to be a model when I grow up. I like singing and dancing very much!” “長大後我想成為模特。我很喜歡唱歌跳舞!“

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