Face shields delivered to Wuhua District Hospital in Kunming 送至昆明市五華區人民醫院的面罩

Stop the virus! 阻止病毒擴散! Spread the love! 傳播友愛!

Thank you for standing with front-line health care workers in China during the most difficult days of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 感謝您在中國新冠病毒爆發(Covid-19)的時候不懈陪伴在前線醫療工作人員身邊,度過了最艱難的時刻。 Your gifts made it possible for CWEF to send a total of 10000 surgical masks, 1500 plastic face shields, 500 thermometers, and 300 medical protective suits to support health care workers and their patients at three hospitals in Hubei and Yunnan. 您的贈禮得以讓CWEF送出總計10000枚醫用口罩、1500張塑料面罩、500只溫度計,以及300件防護衣來支援位於湖北和雲南三家醫院的醫療工作人員與其患者。 All remaining funds will be used to support intermediate relief project(s) that provide support for children whose families have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. 所有剩餘的資金將會用於資助那些家庭在疫情期間受到波及的孩子們。

Together with many others around the world, you helped us protect and encourage the brave men and women who are risking their lives to serve others. 您於來自全球的夥伴攜手守護激勵了冒著風險拯救他人的勇敢男女們。 Thank you for your prayers and gifts. 感謝您的祝福與贈禮。

All of us at CWEF would like to sincerely thank you and echo the words of Dr. Deng of Wuhan Union Hospital, who shared the following message with us: CWEF全體成員由衷地感謝您的協助。我們在此向您轉達武漢協和醫院鄧醫生的一言:

“非常感谢您们的帮助和支持!您们多保重!:: Thank you very much for your help and support! Please take care of yourselves!” “非常感谢您们的帮助和支持!您们多保重!:: Thank you very much for your help and support!Please take care of yourselves!”

Dr. Deng of Wuhan Union Hospital 武漢協和醫院——鄧先波醫生

Thank you for what you have done to take care of others in need, just as you take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of yourselves and your family members. 感謝您向有需要的人們伸出了援手,就好似您採取了必要的行動來確保自己以及親人的健康於安全一樣。


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