Building Healthy Lives in Rural Yunnan 在雲南偏遠地區建立健康生活

The children were amazed to see the purple glow that emerged from on their classmate’s hands under the black-light. 孩子們對於在黑暗中同學手中發出的亮紫色光芒感到非常驚奇。 The idea of invisible bacteria and contaminants is difficult for anyone to understand. 隱形的病菌和污染物的概念很難被眾人理解。 As part of CWEF’s health education curriculum, students participate in a simulation activity in which they see the transfer of ‘bacteria’ from hand to hand contact. 作為CWEF健康教育教學內容的一部分,學生會參與到一項模擬實驗,可以觀察到“病菌”在手接觸時的傳播。 The ‘bacteria’ is a transparent powder that is easily spread through contact. “病菌”實際上是一種容易通過接觸而傳播的透明粉狀物。 The transmission path can be seen when a black-light exposes the invisible fluorescent powder. 在黑暗下可以觀察到透明螢光粉末的傳播途徑。

In December 2019, CWEF Health Director Jenny Chu led 30 children from two primary schools in Wuding county in rural Yunnan province through a two-day health education “Training of Trainers” session as a part of the HEAL (Health Education Advocacy & Literacy) program. 2019年12月份,CWEF健康負責人Jenny Chu帶領了30名來自雲南省武定縣兩所小學的學生們們,參與了HEAL(Health Education Advocacy & Literacy)項目中的兩日“培養培訓員工”項目。 These students will serve as health advocates—providing instruction and modeling to their peers in the areas of good hygiene and health promotion. 這些學生會作為健康倡導者——在健康與衛生普及方面上為身邊的同學提供指導及模擬。

The World Health Organization promotes proper hand washing to prevent illness and reduce the spread of disease. 世界衛生組織提倡人們使用正確的洗手方式以減少發病率及防止病毒擴散。 Once rural areas have access to reliable and safe drinking water, additional health and hygiene practices need to be introduced. 在偏僻地區也可以攝取到乾淨安全的飲水源後,就需要引進健康與衛生的實踐練習。 Through the HEAL training, children learn how to thoroughly wash their hands and gain knowledge about bacteria and contaminant transmission. 通過HEAL培訓,孩子們可以學會如何正確地洗乾淨手,學習關於病菌還有污染物的傳播途徑相關知識。 Through reference books, hands-on training, the germ-glow black-light simulation, and a handwashing song, student health advocates learn knowledge and practice good habits. 通過教材書、實際上手實踐、螢光病菌模擬實驗還有洗手歌,學生健康倡導者們學習了更多知識、養成了更好的習慣。 They are also equipped to teach their peers about the importance of handwashing and serve as models for this healthy habit. 他們也會有足夠的能力來教會自己的同學們洗手的重要性,也可以為同學們做有著良好衛生習慣的好榜樣。

In addition to handwashing, the program addresses oral hygiene and proper teeth brushing techniques, healthy diet and nutrition, and importance of keeping a sanitary environment. 除了洗手之外,這個項目還介紹了口腔衛生與正確的刷牙方法、健康飲食與營養攝取,還有保持環境整潔的重要性。 The training provides children with critical information for healthy living and opportunities for the health advocates to engage with their peers by sharing the information and leading activities. 培訓為孩子們提供了健康生活的相關關鍵知識,還為健康倡導者們提供了與自己的夥伴接觸並分享健康知識、領導趣味活動的機會。 CWEF gathers baseline information regarding the knowledge and personal hygiene practices of the students in order to provide supplemental training and information. CWEF收集了基本個人衛生知識以便為學生們開展額外的培訓及教育。



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