Clean Water with Clear Impact for Chanthy 乾淨健康的水對Chanthy的昭著影響

Chanthy, 38, raises her two children with her husband who is a farmer in Samrith village in Kompong Thom province. 38歲的Chanthy和丈夫一起在Samrith省裡的薩姆里奇村村撫養著兩個孩子,丈夫則是村里的一名農民。 Their day begins early, with her husband going to fish with a hand-held net around 5 AM. 他們的一天開始的很早,Chanthy的丈夫早上五點左右就已經開始在準備用手網捕魚。 On a good day, he will catch several big fish, which he can sell at the market. 一天的收穫好的話,他可以釣到幾條大魚,然後再去市場裡賣掉。 Smaller fish are cooked for the family’s meal along with rice and vegetables that they grow for themselves. 他釣到的小魚則會跟他們自己種植的米飯與蔬菜一起被烹製,供家人食用。 Chanthy tends to the chickens, ducks, and vegetable farming while their children are at school. 在孩子們上學的時候,Chanthy會負責照料養雞、養鴨、種菜等義務。

While their diet was well-balanced, the family often suffered from a variety of illnesses like abdominal pain and headaches. 雖然他們飲食均衡,但是一家人卻經常遭受著各種疾病的折磨,比如腹痛或頭痛。 “My husband had typhoid and my children were weak from diarrhea,” shared Chanthy. “我丈夫得了傷寒,我的孩子因為腹瀉而虛弱,” Chanthy苦訴到。 Since other families in her village suffered similar sicknesses, she considered it normal and didn’t wonder about the root cause of their health problems. 由于村里其他家庭也有类似的疾病,她一直以來都以為这是正常的,更沒有疑問過他们健康问题的根本原因。

“One day, the village chief come to invite me to join health training from CWEF. I already heard about this organization a few years ago, and that they provide bio-sand filters to families in our area. So, I went to listen to the training. I increased my knowledge of health issues, especially the negative effects of unclean water. After finishing the training, I really wanted to get the bio-sand filter soon because it`s very beneficial for my family.” “有一天,村长邀请了我去参加CWEF的健康培训。我几年前就听说过这个组织,我知道他们为我们地区的家庭提供了生物砂滤器。聽完培訓後,我对健康问题的认知大大提高了,尤其是不洁水的各種负面影响與生物砂濾器對我家庭健康的重要性。”

In 2019, Chanthy received a bio-sand filter from CWEF. 2019年,Chanthy收到了CWEF提供的生物砂滤器。 She and her family immediately noticed the improvement to the quality of their water. 她和她的家人立即注意到了水质上的巨大改善。 The water was more transparent and the family’s food tasted better. 水不僅更透明了,家裡食物的味道也跟著一起變得更美味了。 “Nowadays, I don’t need much time for boiling water for my family, and they can drink whenever they want to.” “我不再需要花時間為家人們燒水喝,現在,他們隨時都能喝到健康、純淨的水。”

The bio-sand filter has positively impacted Chanthy’s family in measurable ways. 生物砂過濾器顯著的給Chanthy的家庭帶來了积极的影响。 “Our family is not rich, but at least we don’t get sick often like before. I have been saving some money with my husband to expand our animal raising. Right now, we have 30 ducks and 20 chickens, both big and small together.” “我们家虽然不富裕,但至少不会像以前那样经常生病。我一直在和我丈夫一起為扩大自己的畜牧业而存錢。现在,我们有30只鸭子和20只鸡,大大小小的都在一起。”

She concludes, “Thank you so much to CWEF for bio-sand filter projects that come to help my community and make us more aware about health and provide us with safe water!” 她总结道:“非常感谢CWEF的生物砂滤池项目,这些项目不僅帮助了我的社区,让我们更加了解健康,還为我们提供了安全、健康的水源!”


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