Goodbye Broken Pipes, Hello Renewed Lives 再見破碎的水管,你好嶄新的生活

by Jenny Chu, CWEF Yunnan Health Programs Director 出自褚葉菲,CWEF雲南健康計畫負責人

When I first visited 當我於2018年的九月份, Yanmaidi village in September of 2018, it didn’t look much different from other 第一次拜訪燕麥地村莊的時候,我並不覺得它與其他同樣在雲南省的這塊區域的村莊 villages in this part of Yunnan province. 有所差別。 Most of the buildings are made of mud 這裡大部分的建築物都由泥土、 bricks and concrete, along with a few modern-style buildings. 磚頭還有水泥建造而成,同時還有為數不多的現代式建築。 However, when I 只不過,當我 entered my host Mr. Hu’s house, he had a surprise for me. 赴約進入我的邀請人虎先生的家中的時候,我大吃了一驚。 He picked up a wooden 他先是撿起了地上一塊木板, board from the ground to reveal a small pit underneath, and he showed me the buried 露出了底下的坑窪。接著,他又向我展示了 water pipe under his home that had cracked due to wear and tear over time. 埋藏在家地底下,歷經時間的磨練而變得破爛不堪的水管。 He had 為了修復這個水管 dug up his floor in order to repair it. 他不得不撬開家裡的地板才得以施工。 He told me this was typical throughout 他告訴我這在燕麥地很常見, Yanmaidi, and that many of the families in the village had the same experience. 幾乎所有的家庭都經歷過同樣的事。

Mr. Hu has played a key 虎先生是燕麥地飲水工程 role in the drinking water project in Yanmaidi. 當中的關鍵性人物。 He sought out CWEF’s local 他通過了自己的人脈找到了 partner in Lufeng county through his own contacts, assisted in the pre-project 位居陸豐縣的當地CWEF夥伴、支援了計劃實施前的基線問卷調查、 partner in Lufeng county through his own contacts, assisted in the pre-project 還在2019的春天邀請了CWEF服務式學習隊伍 meals at his home in Spring 2019. 在自己家裡共進餐宴。

Mr. Hu is 37 years old. 虎先生,年齡37歲。 He was born in Yanmaidi and, together with his parents and grandfather, continues 他出生於燕麥地,與父母親和爺爺共同在此生活, to live and work here as a farmer. 做著農民的工作。 The family grows wheat, corn, chili peppers, 虎氏家庭有種植小麥、玉米、辣椒, and yams. 還生產紡線。 They also cultivate chestnut, walnut, and bayberry trees, as well as 他們還培植板栗、核桃、楊梅樹。同時也會 collecting wild mushrooms in the forest areas surrounding their village. 在村莊周圍的森林裡採集野生菌類。 Previously, Mr. Hu had moved away from Yanmaidi to work as a seasonal migrant 先前,虎先生離開了燕麥地,作為一個季節性農民工 laborer for two years. 工作了兩年。

In recent years, life 最近幾年, has been getting better in Yanmaidi. 燕麥地的生活質量逐漸改善。 A paved road was recently built all the 燕麥地裡鋪了一條直達村莊內部的公路、 way into the village, and cash crops are increasingly replacing traditional 更多的經濟作物開始取代糧食作物, crops, slowly creating higher incomes for village families. 家庭的的收入也隨之不斷增長。 In 2018, the 2018年, average annual income per person was 3,500 yuan (about US$500). 每人平均收入達到了3500人民幣(約500美元)。

One exception to the 在蒸蒸日上的發展中, positive trends in Yanmaidi has been the village’s drinking water system. 燕麥地唯一的例外就是村莊的飲水系統。 The 水管早已磨損多年, system’s pipes have been wearing out and breaking down for years, and many families’ 很多家庭之所以經常供不到水 water frequently stops flowing, mainly due to water pipes constantly rupturing 大概就是因為水管時不時會破裂, and needing repair. 並且急需維修了。 When the water supply gets cut off, Mr. Hu and other 當斷水的時候,虎先生和其他的家庭 families need to walk about one kilometer to go collect water. 只好走一公里遠的路去收集水源。 Going back and 他們浪費了許多 forth multiple times every day to carry water consumes valuable time and 原本可以用來做農工或是其他工作的寶貴的時間, energy, which they could be using to attend to their farming and other labor 一天之內得來來回回往返好多次 work. 去收集水源。 As you can imagine, the deteriorating water system has created many 正如您想像的一樣,老化的供水系統為家庭帶來了 frustrations and limitations for the families here. 許多困擾與不便。

Each family in Yanmaidi 燕麥地的每個家庭 is participating in the drinking water project supported by CWEF by 都參與了CWEF支援的飲水工程。 contributing a portion of the required funds from their own meager incomes, 他們一是從自己微乎其微的收入中投入了一部分資金, along with the physical labor needed to dig trenches and lay all of the new 而且還提供了勞力來挖掘溝渠、 pipes and cisterns that will make up the renewed system. 鋪下之後將成為他們嶄新的系統的水管和水箱。

When the project is 當工程竣工時, completed, Mr. Hu and everyone in Yanmaidi will feel a strong sense of satisfaction 虎先生和燕麥地的所有居民都對嶄新的飲水系統 and ownership in their village’s drinking water system. 感受到了極大的滿足和成就感。 After years of 歷經多年的 frustration and limitations, they will be grateful to say goodbye to hours of 困擾與不便,他們終於可以向度日如年般的收集水源過程道別, wasted time carrying water and hello to renewed health, hope and vitality. 向生機勃勃、重新建立的健康與希望说你好。对此他们感到感激不已。

Through the end of December, generous friends of CWEF have pledged a 100% match for all gifts up to a total of US$20,000. 在十二月份過去之後,CWEF慷慨的朋友向他們保證了總價值約2萬美元的贈禮。 Give clean water to one family in Yanmaidi, and a second family will also be blessed with the beautiful gift of a reliable, convenient source of clean water! 為燕麥地當中的一個家庭提供水源,就會有第二個家庭收到安全便捷的飲水水源的這份恩惠!


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