Ounpich is Cheerful, Resilient and Healthy Ounpich有活力,有毅力還健康

Fifty-year-old 五十歲的Ounpich Ounpich is a gregarious person. 是位非常合群的人。 She laughs throughout conversations and 她在談話的過程中充滿著微笑, gestures confidently with her hands. 她的各種手勢也一直透露著自信。 Ounpich beams as she talks about her Ounpich在談到她27歲的兒子時 27-year-old son. 便會得意洋洋。 He studied management at a university in Phnom Penh and is now 他在金邊的一所大學就讀了管理專業, working for World Vision, the global Christian non-profit organization. 目前在‘國際世界宣明會’, 一所全球基督教非營利組織工作。 She is Ounpich extremely proud of him. 為她的兒子感到非常驕傲。

Ounpich Ounpich的日常生活 mainly grows rice and raises chickens for her daily needs. 主要包括為日常需求而種植大米與養雞。 Her cheerful 僅憑她開朗的外表, exterior alone might never reveal the issues she encounters as a farmer in 你可能永遠都不會想像到她在極端季節時, Cambodia during extreme seasons. 作為柬埔寨農民所遇到的困難。 She showed us how far the floodwater reaches 她通過指向支撐她房屋的高蹺 by pointing to a spot on the stilts supporting her house — sometimes up to 向我們展示了洪水可以漲得多高— eight feet. 有時高達8英尺。 When it floods, she cannot work in her fields. 洪水嚴重時,她無法在田里幹活。 Consequently, 因此, Ounpich can go without an income for up to two months each year. Ounpich每年可以最多兩個月都沒有收入。

The 與洪水季節 harsh contrast to the flooding season is the drought that comes during the 形成鮮明對比的是夏季是發生的 summer. 乾旱。 Ounpich says the ground has been especially dry this year, and she must Ounpich說,今年地面特別乾燥, water the plants three times a day in order to keep them healthy. 為了保持植物的健康,她每天必須為它們澆3次水 。 Besides 除了 working in the rice fields, she tends a personal garden behind her home, where 在稻田裡工作以外,她還在自己的後庭花園裏 she grows many more vegetables. 種了許多蔬菜。 She eats some of these herself, gives some to 她會自己吃掉其中的一些,送給鄰居 neighbors, and sells the rest, which earns her about 20,000 riels (about $5 一些,其餘的便賣掉並可以每天賺到約20, 000瑞爾 USD) per day. (約合5美元)。

Ounpich CWEF提供給Ounpich的 has benefitted significantly from the BioSand Water Filter that CWEF provided 生物砂過濾器給她的生活帶來了 to her. 許多益處。 She uses the filtered clean water for daily drinking, cooking, 她開始在日常飲用、烹飪、清潔 cleaning, and brushing teeth. 和刷牙這些方面上用上了純淨的水。 Ounpich’s health has improved greatly as she no 這使Ounpich的健康狀況大大改善, longer gets ill from drinking unclean water. 因為她不再因喝了不乾淨的水而患病。 Using the BioSand Filter also 生物砂過濾器的使用 frees up the time she used to spend each day collecting firewood to boil water 還可以節省她過去每天為了把淨水煮沸成飲用水 from a nearby well so that it can be safely consumed. 而收集柴火的時間。 With overall improved 隨著整體健康狀況的改善, health, Ounpich is better prepared to face the challenges of a farmer’s life. Ounpich現在更有準備應對農民生活的各種挑戰。

Your generous contributions to this project make it possible for CWEF to renew health and hope for people like Ounpich who are facing the challenges of rural poverty. 您對這個項目的慷慨捐助使CWEF能够為Ounpich這樣面臨農村貧困挑戰的人們恢復健康與帶來希望。

In 除了 addition to the gift of Biosand Water Filters, CWEF trains families in proper 贈予生物砂濾水器之外,CWEF還會給家庭們提供如何正確維護濾水器的培訓 maintenance of their filter, along with education on proper sanitation and 以及有關正確衛生並其對疾病預防 hygiene, and its effect on disease prevention and overall health. 和整體健康影響的教育。 With proper 通過 care and maintenance, each water filter can provide a family with clean water 適當的保養和維護,每個濾水器都可以為一個家庭提供 for more than 20 years. 20多年的純淨水。

In 在 2020, we hope to reach even more families in Ounpich’s community with the 2020年裡,我們希望可以為Ounpich社區離得更多家庭提供 precious and transformative gift of clean water. 這珍貴又具有變革性的水源。 A gift of just $25 provides 一個僅25美元的祝福 clean water for one child, and $100 provides clean water for an entire family. 就可以為一個孩子提供純淨的水,而一個100美元的祝福則可以為一整個家庭提供純淨水。


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