Yufeng’s Smile 玉鳳的微笑

Behind Yufeng’s smile is a story of rare hardships and also 玉鳳的微笑背後存在著一個受盡千辛萬苦, precious optimism. 但又充滿了樂觀的故事。 She is the eldest of four children, born to farmers in rural 她出生於一個雲南農村并是自己農民家庭裡 Yunnan province. 四個孩子中的長子。 Yufeng’s mother was injured in a traffic accident and cannot 玉鳳的母親在一次交通事故受傷後, perform much manual labor. 喪失了執行許多體力勞動的能力。 Additionally, her parents provide care for Yufeng’s grandparents. 此外,她的父母還需為祖父母提供照顧。

At the age of eight, Yufeng began suffering from a rare and serious bone infection in her leg. 玉鳳在八歲時開始遭受腿部罕見而嚴重的骨骼感染。 Doctors recommended amputation, but her parents refused the advice and spent most of their scarce income on medical treatment to spare her leg. 醫生們建議了截肢,但是她的父母拒絕了該建議,並把大部分的少量收入用於治療,以挽救她的腿。 Yufeng’s medical challenges continued when she was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2011. 玉鳳在2011年又被診斷出患有肺結核,并繼續面臨著許多醫療挑戰。

Yufeng shares, “Although my foot is disabled, I think my mind is important and I have a thankful heart.” 玉鳳分享道:“儘管我的腳已經殘疾了,我認為我的思想反而更加重要,並且我還有一顆感恩的心。” She began High School in 2016, with the support of a CWEF scholarship, at the age of 23. 在CWEF獎學金的支持下,她在2016年,自己23歲時開始就讀高中。

“My family is poor so I study harder than others. I want to change it. When I’m in trouble, I always face it bravely.” “我的家庭很貧窮,所以我比其他人更努力地學習著。 我想改變自己的處境,所以 我在遇到麻煩時,總是選擇勇敢面對。”

Her strong spirit was tested again in 2018, when she underwent surgery on her leg to treat varicose veins, which caused her to repeat her second year of high school. 她精神上的毅力在2018年再次受到了考驗,當時她接受了腿部手術以治療靜脈曲張,這導致了她不得不重讀高二。 Tragically, Yufeng underwent another surgery in 2019 to remove a portion of her lung, following a pulmonary infection. 可悲的是,玉鳳在肺部感染後於2019年再次接受了手術並切除了自己一部分的肺。

In spite of everything she has been through, Yufeng has developed a wonderfully positive outlook on life. 儘管她經歷了各种各样的辛劳艰苦,玉鳳仍然對人生擁有飽滿的積極看法。

“My life is full of sun. I will smile at everything. I think attitude is everything. I will never give up on my dream….in the future I want to become an English teacher.” “我的生活充滿著陽光。 我會為一切微笑。 我認為態度決定著一切。 我永遠不會放棄自己的夢想……將來,我想成為一名英語老師。”

Yufeng wants to “change her frustration into wealth” and use 玉鳳想將‘自己的挫折變為財富’, the pain and difficulty she has experienced in the first part of her life to 並利用她在人生前期所經歷的痛苦和困難 enrich her adult years. 來豐富自己的未來。

Yufeng is grateful for the love and care that she received from CWEF, her teachers, classmates and others, many of whom fundraised online to help pay for her surgeries. 玉鳳從心底感謝著她從CWEF,老師們,同學們和其他人那裡得到的愛與關懷,他們中的許多人都有為她在網上籌款以便幫助支付她的手術費用。 She plans to graduate from High School in June 2020, at the age of 27. 她計劃於2020年6月從高中畢業,時年27歲。 Without a doubt, her smile will continue to radiate hope and joy as she takes the next steps into pursuing her dream of becoming an English teacher. 毫無疑問,她的微笑將繼續散發出希望和喜悅,這是她為實現成為英語老師的夢想而採取的下一步行動。


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