Thriving with Confidence and Health 自信並健康地成長

Jianming, a shy 16-year-old, aspired to become a Health Advocate within his village of Tuanjie. 建明,一名害羞的16歲,嚮往成為他團結村的一名健康倡導者。 Jianming is from a Miao minority family and lives with his parents, both farmers, and his younger sister who also aspires to be a Health Advocate. 建明來自一個苗族家庭,他跟身為農民的父母與一位同樣嚮往成為健康倡導者的妹妹住在一起。 Typical of subsistence farmers, it is necessary for Jianming to work alongside his parents while balancing his educational obligations. 像許多典型的農民家庭,建明需要在兼顧教育義務的同時幫助父母一起工作。 Daily life is not easy for his family and others in the village, but they understand the hope of improved health. 對於他的家人和村里的其他人來說,日常生活並不容易,但他們都了解改善健康所能帶來的希望。

The process of becoming a Health Advocate involves interviews and subsequent trainings. 健康倡導者的培訓過程涉及著許多面試和後續培訓。 In March 2018, Jianming participated in his first advocate selection screening. 2018年3月,建明參加了他的第一個倡導者選擇篩選。 On that day, his anxiety got the better of him. 那天,他的焦慮征服了自己。 Jianming showed up late to the screening, lacked confidence, and was introverted during the whole process. 建明不僅沒有準時到達,他在整個過程中也明顯內向了很多並缺乏信心。 Although the teen did not perform to his highest potential, he was nonetheless selected to be a Health Advocate. 儘管該少年當時沒有發揮出最大的實力,他仍然成功的被選為成一名健康倡導者。 His level of education and personal potential stood out in spite of his nervousness. 他的教育水平和個人潛能的突出,並沒有被自己的緊張覆蓋掉。

Health trainings were held in July and November 2018. 2018年的7月和11月之間舉行了幾項健康培訓。 Advocates are taught fundamentals of good hygiene, importance of hand washing, disease prevention, wound care, and proper food preparation. 健康培訓向倡導者們講授了基本的衛生知識與洗手,預防疾病,傷口護理和正確準備食物的重要性。 Although he had many other responsibilities such as school and his chores on the farm, Jianming completed both of the two full-day trainings. 儘管他還需要負責學校和農場的其他工作,建明漂亮地完成了這連續兩天的全日制培訓。 Jianming’s performance was in sharp contrast to his first interview. 建明的表現與他的第一次採訪形成了鮮明的對比。 He was able to express himself clearly and confidently; his social and communication skills had improved significantly. 現在, 他能夠清晰,自信地表達自己,社交和溝通能力也大大提高了。

Upon completion of the health training, Jianming began leading health trainings for his fellow villagers. 在完成健康培訓後,建明開始為他的村民們提供了同樣的健康培訓。 He has developed a strong sense of responsibility and is very effective when instructing others. 他那強烈的責任感,使他能夠更效地指導他人。 CWEF Health Programs Director Jenny Chu shares, “Jianming is looked up to by his peers and has earned respect within his community. He takes his role very seriously and is passionate about helping others. Although his family needs his help on the farm, they see the good he is doing and his potential and allow him to continue his work as Health Advocate. He has become a competent and confident young man who plays an important role in the health promotion in Tuanjie.” CWEF衛生項目主任褚葉菲表示:“建明受到了同行的尊敬,並贏得了社區的尊重。 他有非常認真地對待自己的角色,並熱衷於幫助他人。 儘管他的家人在農場上需要他的幫助,他們在看到自己孩子的成就和潛力後,允許了他繼續擔任一位健康倡導者。 他現在成為了一個有能力和自信的年輕人,並在促進團結市的健康行動中發揮了重要作用。”


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