Reflections from REACH teacher training REACH教師培訓班的反思

At the end of May 2019, CWEF worked with two seasoned trainers from Hong Kong Lutheran Social Services (HKLSS) to run a REACH training workshop for 30 teachers at Leju High School in Zhaotong, Yunnan province. 在2019年5月底,CWEF與兩名來自香港路德社會服務局(HKLSS)的資深培訓師合作了,並為位於雲南省昭通市的樂居鎮中學裡的30名教師舉辦了REACH培訓班。 These are the teachers who work on a day-to-day basis to educate and equip the young women who are supported by CWEF’s High School Scholarship program at their school. 正是這些老師們在每天負責著教育受到CWEF高中獎學金計畫支持的年輕女性們。

During this 3-day workshop, the trainers from HKLSS focused on concepts and methods related to experiential education, teamwork, cooperation, and adolescent psychology. 在為期3天的培訓班中,來自HKLSS的培訓人員重點講解了體驗式教育,團隊合作,與和青少年心理學有關的概念和教育方法。 The trained teachers will be able to use these new concepts and skills to enhance their support of CWEF’s High School Scholarship recipients. 經過培訓的教師們將會能夠使用這些新概念和技能來增強對CWEF高中獎學金獲得者們的支持。

Thank you for your generous gifts! 我們非常感謝您捐助的各種禮物! You are making it possible for these young women to not only continue their education, but also to have their education enhanced through special workshop experiences like this one. 您的貢獻正使這些年輕女性不僅可以繼續接受教育,還可以通過像這樣的特殊培訓來提高自己收獲的教育水平與經歷。

Below are some reflections about the REACH workshop written by Yang H., one of the participating teachers from Leju. 以下是來自樂居中學·的楊暉老師對REACH訓練班所撰寫的一些反思。

In the summer, Zhaotong’s weather is quite unpredictable. 夏季時,昭通的天氣非常難以預測。 When Xiaohui and Bobo (the HKLSS trainers’ Mandarin Chinese nicknames) arrived in Zhaotong together with CWEF staff Maggie and Jenny, the weather was starting to get cold. 曉暉和Bobo(HKLSS訓練員的中文暱稱)與CWEF員工李餘音和褚葉菲一起抵達昭通時,天氣突然開始變冷了。 The four teachers showed up wearing thin summer clothes and worked so hard to bring us the REACH training workshop about experiential teaching methods, which moved and inspired all of us teachers here in Zhaotong. 這四位老師穿著夏天的薄衣現身,並竭盡全力地為我們帶來了REACH體驗式教學培訓班,他們的這份毅力激發並啟發了在昭通的其他所有老師。

Allow me to share more of our experience with you: 請允許我與您分享更多關於我們的經驗:

Our principal Mr. Zhou began by introducing the trainers: 我們的校長周先生首先為我們介紹了培訓師:

“Teacher Xiaohui has come from afar and has a new teaching method to share with us.There’s a new philosophy…” “ 曉暉老師是從一個很遙遠的地方過來的,並有一種新的教學方法與哲學可以與我們分享……”

Honestly, at the beginning, we were skeptical. 老實說,一開始我們對這項目感到很懷疑。 We have been through a lot of training workshops before, and many of these lectures have started the same way. 之前,我們已經參加過許多培訓班,其中許多講座都是以相同的方式開始的。

Then we learned that Xiaohui and Bobo’s salaries are actually very low, but they have both been doing social work for ten years. 之後我們得知到曉暉和Bobo的薪水實際上很低,但他們倆從事社會工作已有十年多。 And then Maggie and Jenny from CWEF said they also have been working in the social sector in Yunnan for more than ten years, too. CWEF的李餘音和褚葉菲也跟著說到,他們也在雲南的社會部門工作與打拼了十多年。

The weather was cold but their hearts were warm, and we were moved by their persistence and dedication. 天氣雖然很冷,但他們的心卻很溫暖,他們的執著和奉獻把我們都感動到了。

As the training program began, Xiaohui and Bobo first gave us an introduction to experiential teaching. 隨著培訓計劃的開始,曉暉和Bobo首先向我們介紹了體驗式教學。

“Let’s forget our jobs for a moment and let go of those heavy burdens for a while.” “讓我們暫時忘記我們的工作,暫時放開那些沉重的負擔。”

To be honest, it’s usually very hard for someone to touch your heart when you meet them for the first time. 老實說,初次見面時,通常很難有人有能力觸碰到你的心裡去。

But Xiaohui started off with a series of interactive activities with fun, exaggerated behaviors and flamboyant expressions, and everyone was brought in quickly to this new world of experiential teaching methods. 但是,當曉暉開始了一系列有趣、誇張的行為和表情互動時,每個人都迅速進入了這種體驗式教學方法的新世界。

At that moment, we put down the heavy burdens we carry with us all the time and realized: 那一刻,我們一起放下了一直以來扛在背上的沉重負擔,並意識到:

Life is so beautiful. 生活是如此美好。 We can actually relax and enjoy it for a while. 實際上,我們可以多放鬆一會兒。

During the workshop, Xiaohui and Bobo first led us to design our own team flag, team name, and slogan. 在為期3天的培訓班中,來自HKLSS的培訓人員重點講解了體驗式教育,團隊合作,與和青少年心理學有關的概念和教育方法。 Everyone came up with their own ideas and provided valuable input for the team. 每個人都提出了自己的想法,並為團隊提供了寶貴的意見。 Before we knew it, the colleague you were just meeting has become a friend. 不知不覺中,我們剛剛遇到的同事已成為了朋友。

Throughout the activities, we feel bad for the team’s failure, and we applaud the team’s success. 在整個活動中,我們會一起為團隊的失敗感到難過,並一起為團隊的成功表示讚賞與欣慰。

When all the teammates stood in a circle and were walking laps together, all of us were united, all hands were afraid to let go. 當所有的隊友圍成一圈站在一起走幾圈時,我們所有人都團結了起來,所有人的雙手都不敢放開。 At that moment, all the heartbeats were quietly beating together. 那一刻,所有人的心跳都共同地悄悄跳動著。

We are united. 我們是一體的。

Only when a team is united can it go farther and see higher. 只有團隊團結起來,才能走得更遠,看到更高。

On the third morning of the workshop, Xiaohui and Bobo led the group together to design and organize games for each team. 在研討會的第三天早上,曉暉和Bobo帶領了小組一起為每個團隊設計並組織了比賽。

There were disputes over design, conflicts of opinion, and corrections to the plan along the way… 設計的過程中充滿了爭議,意見的衝突以及許多修改……

There were team members’ collaboration, persistence, and efforts … 團隊裡充滿了成員們的協作,毅力和大量的努力……

We learned how to design games for use in our teaching and what to consider when designing a game, and how these games can make our work with students more effective and engaging. 我們學習到了如何設計用於教學的遊戲,在設計遊戲時應當考慮的事項,以及這些遊戲如何使我們與學生的合作更加有效和吸引人。

In the process of playing, Xiaohui and Bobo turned complex theoretical knowledge into a meaningful learning experience. 在玩樂的過程中,小慧和波波將復雜的理論知識轉化為了有意義的學習經歷。

It’s a great lesson for us and it will improve our ability to positively impact the students we work with. 這對我們來說是非常重要的一課,它將提高我們對學生產生積極影響的能力。

When the trainers come to Zhaotong next time, I hope the clouds will part and the sun will shine for them. 下次當培訓員來到昭通時,我希望雲朵會為了他們躲閃,而太陽會麗日高照。

– Written by Yang H., Leju High School teacher —由樂居高中的楊暉老師撰寫

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