Finding Fulfillment 尋求滿足

Life is filled with many expectations. 生活充滿著許多期望。 We anticipate and dream about life, especially building a future. 我們都期望並夢想著一個理想的未來。 With each generation, there is a hope to improve one’s family situation, to become better educated, to earn a higher salary, to provide stability and opportunity for family members and to be healthy and happy. 每一代人都希望改善自己的家庭狀況,接受更好的教育,獲得更高的薪水,為家庭成員提供穩定和機會,並保持健康快樂。

Yongbing had many of these dreams, but his family’s situation was dire. 永兵曾有過許多這樣的夢想,但他家裡的處境十分嚴峻。 His parents suffered from illnesses and their living conditions were poor. 他的父母患病,生活條件更是惡劣。 Yongbing lived in a village in Leju county in Yunnan province with both his older sister and younger brother. 永兵家裡有一位姐姐和一位弟弟,他們與患病的父母一起居住在雲南省樂居鎮的一個村莊。 With three children in school, his parents had many school-related expenses on their subsistence income. 他的父母有三個就讀學校的孩子,所以其父母的生活費有很多與學校有關的支出。

Through a 2013 scholarship from Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation, Yongbing was able to pay for high school tuition and related fees. 通過2013年Concordia福利與教育基金會的獎學金,永兵順利的支付掉了高中學費和其他相關的費用。 The scholarship provided him a way to continue his education and took a large financial burden from his family. 這項獎學金為他提供了繼續接受教育的途徑,並減輕了家庭的經濟負擔。 Yongbing felt that people cared about him and was very encouraged by receiving the scholarship. 獎學金給永兵帶到了許多鼓勵,并使他感受到了他人的關心。 In turn, he shared that he would like to help other people when he is able. 所以,他反過來,也希望在自己有能力後可以同樣地幫助別人。

“In addition to tuition assistance, many CWEF scholarship recipients receive additional support that is not usually provided in high school through the REACH program. Additional workshops using CWEF’s curriculum are led by trained teachers, to help students with life skills such as time management, career planning and resiliency support,” shares Maggie Li, CWEF Education Programs Director in Yunnan province. “除了學費援助外,許多CWEF獎學金獲得者還可以通過REACH計劃獲得高中通常不提供的額外支援。額外支援包括了由受過專業訓練的老師主持的CWEF課程講習班,以幫助學生掌握例如時間管理、職業規劃、韌性支持等生活技能。” 負責雲南省的CWEF教育計劃主任李餘音這樣共享道。

A dedicated student, Yongbing dreamed of continuing his education at university. 作為一名敬業的學生,永兵夢想著繼續到大學學習。

“I would dream about the ivory tower… wondering what type of university I would attend. I fantasized about my life as a university student. ‘University’ became a holy land to me.” “我時常會夢見到自己的象牙塔……一直幻想並思考著自己會參加哪種類型的大學或者自己的大學生活會是怎麼樣的。我對大學生活的慕戀使“大學”成為了我心中的聖地。”

Yongbing studied hard for the gaokao university entrance exam, but his score fell below his hopes and expectations. 永兵有為高考而奮發圖強的學習,但是他的成績低於了他的希望和期望。 Consequently, he could not apply to a highly-competitive school of his dreams. 因此,他無法申請到自己夢寐以求,競爭強烈的的第一志願大學。 “Based on my options, I didn’t know how to select another university.” “根據我剩下的選項,我并不知道如何選擇另一所大學。” He was accepted to Chuxiong Normal College. 他最終被楚雄師範學院錄取。

“Once I finally became a college student, it was nothing like I had dreamed of. “我終於成為一名大學生後,我發現現實跟我想像的完全不同。 I deeply regretted attending the school and I considered going back to become a high school student again so that I could retake the gaokao exam.” Yongbing’s family could not afford to pay for his tuition, so retaking the exam was not an option. 我對選擇了這所學校感到非常後悔,甚至考慮到了再次回到高中,以便重新參加高考。”但是永兵一家負擔不起學費,因此重考高考並不是一個選項。

“I finally realized that I couldn’t change the situation, but I could change my outlook.” 我終於意識到自己無法改變自身的狀況,但我還是可以改變自己的看法。”

With this realization, Yongbing began to slowly adapt to college life. 有了這種認識後,永兵開始慢慢的適應了大學生活。 Yongbing, like many students, was assigned a major, in his case social work. 永兵之後被分配到了學習社會工作的專業。 As his studies progressed, he began to embrace the classes. 隨著學習的發展,他開始接受並享受著自己專業的課程。 He reflected on the support that he received as a CWEF High School Scholarship program recipient. 他會經常回顧自己作為CWEF高中獎學金計劃獲得者時所獲得到的支持。 Yongbing found time to volunteer and is now looking forward to a career where he can provide help and assistance to others. 現在,永兵也會抽出時間來做志願工作,并期望在未來的時光裡能夠找到一個可以為他人提供幫助的職業。 Not only is Yongbing currently enjoying an internship with a local NGO, but he also has hopes for attending law school one day. 永兵目前不僅在當地的一家非政府組織實習著,他還希望有一天能上法學院。 Halfway into his college career, Yongbing asserted, 在大學生涯中途,

“I think that university is like a big stage that belongs to each student. Here you are both a director and the protagonist. As long as you dare to try, the spotlight will focus on you. Play your role, and no matter what happens, believe in yourself.” 永兵斷言道,“我認為大學是個屬於每個學生的舞台。 在這裡,您既是導演又是主角。 只要你敢嘗試,聚光燈就會聚焦在你身上。 扮演自己的角色,無論發生什麼情況,都要相信自己。”

“Yongbing is like many of CWEF’s scholarship recipients over the years,” shares CWEF executive director Josh Lange. CWEF執行董事郎書亞表示:“多年來,永兵就像許多CWEF的獎學金獲得者一樣。 “He demonstrates the life-changing impact of an education and the resilience to face challenges with success, which is fostered through CWEF’s REACH workshops. We’re thankful to hear stories of young adults like Yongbing, who learn to thrive and through their lives will be able to give back and bring hope to others.” 他通過CWEF的REACH培訓班展示了教育對生活以及為了成功而抵禦挑戰的韌性所產生的影響。 我們很高興能聽到像永兵這樣年輕人的故事,他們不僅學會了怎麼從挫敗中茁壯成長,我也敢肯定他們這一生有足夠能力回饋給社會並給他人帶來希望。”


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